Tree Fort Paddle TAB


Our Tree Fort Paddle TABs are used for a variety of ways when you need to attach a structural member to a tree. The Tree Fort Paddle TAB is composed of two sections: the "paddle" sits in a notched beam and the "threaded rod" secures into the tree. They are to be used with thru bolts, rather than screws or lags, making your knee brace more secure to move with the tree. 

Paddle Tabs are typically used to support lighter platforms, to pick up small unsupported corners and are often incorporated into entry stairways.

Dimensions of the Tree Fort Paddle:

  • 2" W x 10" L x 1/4" Thick

This paddle is attached to a 1" lag 

From end to end it is about 16"

Tree Fort Paddle TAB Installation Video:

CLICK HERE to watch the FULL Tree Fort Hardware Video Series on how to build a small treehouse platform.


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