Wood Yoke Hardware Kit (Dynamic)


Maximize your platform building potential with this wooden yoke hardware kit! Allowing you to expand the space between two beams that are connecting to a single tree, giving you a larger footprint to build on. 

Wood Yoke Kit Includes:

-Wood Yoke Kit Includes:

*Due to variable wood/beam sizes, you will need to purchase separate lags for where the struts connect to the top beam and hex bolts for the knife plates and angle brackets accordingly (we assort 3/4"x7" and 3/4"x5" hex bolts). We have provided 12 Lags (4 for SL TAB plate, 2 per each Angle Bracket). 

Recommended for smaller scale projects. Not to be used as a Steel Yoke replacement. Consult an expert if you are unsure.  We offer custom steel yoke design and fabrication - contact us to receive a quote.

We can be reached by e-mailing orders@nelsontreehouseandsupply.com. 

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