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Room with a View: The Best Windows for Treehouses

It goes without saying that every treehouse needs windows—one of the best parts of treehouses is that they provide an unparalleled view of the nature around them. But only some windows are designed to meet the unique demands of building up in the trees. Learn why we choose to partner with Marvin for our builds across the country.


Behind the (T-Shirt) Design: Sanctuary Screen Printing

What makes a truly great T-shirt? Learn about the role of Seattle nonprofit Sanctuary Screen Printing in creating our most excellent treehouse T-shirts.


Where Treehouse Wood Comes From: Bruce's Oso Mill

Meet Bruce Blacker, the owner of Wild Edge Woods: a Washington mill that specializes in reclaimed and historic timber. Pete Nelson has partnered with Bruce for over 15 years, incorporating wood from Wild Edge in treehouses across the country. Read on for the story behind our treehouse wood.


Arborwear's Honest, Hardworking (and Hilarious) Clothing

People often ask us which brands and products our treehouse masters love. Arborwear is one of those brands - we've been longtime fans of the company's durable and flexible workwear. Arborwear pants can handle the gnarliest of treehouse builds! We spoke with Arborwear's Rob Paradise to get the lowdown on the company's history, humor, and hardworking clothes. Read on for the interview...


Fall Flower Arranging Tips with Down to Earth Flowers

Flowers are a simple and effective way to celebrate the fall season and bring autumn into your home. Today, Down to Earth flowers, the creative force behind many wedding floral arrangements at TreeHouse Point, shares their secrets to beautiful fall flower arrangements.