April 1, 2019All the places you can go to visit a Nelson treehouse!

For-Mar Nature Preserve TreehousE – Genesee County Parks, Mi

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is:
”Can I visit one of your treehouses?”

The short answer is: Yes! We’ve built many treehouses across the country (and one in Norway!) that offer the opportunity for public visits.

The longer answer is: the degree of public “openness” of each of the treehouses varies. Some of our treehouses in public parks offer free visits year-round; others are at private companies that host tours, overnight stays, or other events for a fee and on a limited basis. Keep in mind that many of these treehouses allow visits by advance appointment only. Please plan your visit in accordance with each venue’s restrictions and guidelines.

Common related questions we hear include:

Below, we’ve listed the names and locations of our treehouses that offer the opportunity for public visits, organized by type of experience. Remember, simply because they are on this list does not mean you can stop by anytime — many of these treehouses allow visits by advance appointment only. Please follow each venue’s restrictions and guidelines for visits.

Browse the list and click the links to learn more. Please note that we are unable to provide comprehensive details on visiting all these treehouses — head to their websites for the most up-to-date information.


Stay overnight at a Nelson Treehouse retreat

Please note that all visits to these retreats is by advance appointment only.


Nelson treehouses in public parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens, or zoos


Nelson treehouses at other corporate or non-profit organizations (including other overnight retreats)


Nelson treehouses at summer camps

This is a continuously growing list — keep checking back for more treehouses you can visit!

Treetop Huts Climbers’ Hut – Helgøya Climbing Park, Norway

Camp Cho-Yeh Treehouse – Livingston, TX

Treehouse VIllage Inn – New Fane, VT

Angry Orchard Tasting Room Treehouse – Walden, NY

Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge – Denali State Park, AK

The Laurel Tree Restaurant – Utopia, Texas


To the trees!