January 10, 2018Inside the Prefab Shop: Magical Maine Treehouse

Welcome to our treehouse HQ, where we prefabricate almost all the components for our treehouses! Step into the shop and take a look back at what went into crafting the Magical Maine Treehouse.


 Prefabricated Walls in the Nelson treehouse Shop

Prefab wizard Griffin reviews shop drawings beside stacks of walls. Each prefabricated component is carefully labeled to streamline reassembly onsite.

 Walls of Windows wait for shipment in the Nelson Treehouse Prefab Shop

The Maine treehouse walls left space for many windows to frame sweeping views of the hemlock forest and nearby lake.

 Framing for a treehouse turret is mocked up in the Nelson Treehouse prefab shop

Here, the turret and winding staircase begin to take shape. The prefab crew will often mock up treehouse parts that are particularly complex. With the knowledge that all the pieces fit together perfectly, the prefab crew will then dissemble the mock-ups for shipment.

 Ring beam for a Nelson Treehouse turret

The crew crafted a ring beam to fit atop the turret walls. This ring beam was necessary since the walls formed only about three quarters of a circle – the ring beam completes the circle and carries the roof structure of the turret.

 Nelson Treehouse Carpenters work on the turret ring beam

Prefab guru Rolf works on the ring beam.

 Treehouse Ring Beam prepped for Shipment

The ring beam had to be sliced into two parts in order to fit in the shipping truck.

 Nelson Treehouse Shop Drawings for the Maine Treehouse

Shop drawings for the turret, winding staircase, and first floor.

 Framing for the winding staircase comes together

Building out the skeleton for the winding staircase.

 Winding staircase framing

 Spiral Staircase mocked up inside the prefab shop

 Spiral Staircase Prefabrication

The winding staircase is comprised of Doug fir and maple wood.

 Strips for Laminated railing inside the spiral staircase

Cutting strips for the staircase railing. These strips were laminated and clamped to follow the curve of the turret.

 Prefabricated Spiral Staircase for Maine Treehouse

 Magical Maine Treehouse Winidng Staircase

The spiral staircase in the finished treehouse.

 Treehouse Turret

The crew also mocked up the turret roof frame. They made sure to put it through rigorous strength testing, which naturally involved letting their kids climb on it.

 Treehouse turret from below

This turret roof was pretty straightforward to build, as each rafter was cut at the same angle.

 Treehouse Turret from above

Griffin’s photo from the top of the turret starts to look like an optical illusion if you stare at it too long…

 Magical Maine Treehouse

The completed turret looks dazzling, if we do say so ourselves!


 Custom Built-in dining table

Our master of built-ins, Dylan, crafted this dining nook table from reclaimed Doug fir wood.

 Reclaimed wood adds character to treehouse built-ins

Markings made by critters add character to the piece.

 Built-in benches for treehouse dining nook

Dylan also created these built-in benches for the dining nook.

 Built-in benches for treehouse

 Finished built-in dining nook in the Magical Maine Treehouse

The dining nook inside the completed treehouse.


 Platform for the Magical Maine Treehouse

Geoff, one of our intrepid “Road Warriors”, shared these photos of the onsite construction process. Here, the expansive platform comes together for the 600-square-foot treehouse.

 Turret assembly onsite

The turret is reassembled onsite – our prefab crew did a stellar job of making sure it would fit together seamlessly!

 Wood Inlays above windows on the Magical Maine Treehouse

Dark wood inlays above the windows add a touch of Gothic flair. The turret was capped with a metal roof – we love the custom rafter tails that peek out from beneath it.

 Building the Magical Maine treehouse

Geoff soaks in the build progress.

 Onsite crew!

The crew made sure to put Dylan’s dining nook through a solid round of testing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look behind the scenes of the Magical Maine Treehouse – our crew put a lot of love into crafting its custom details! You can see all our photos of the completed treehouse here.

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To the trees!