April 6, 2017Technology that’s Revolutionizing the way we Build Treehouses

At Nelson Treehouse, we strive to be as efficient as possible. We’re building treehouses – we don’t want to waste any materials. This software allows us to do that, and brings us into the 21st century.
— Daryl McDonald, treehouse designer

Ever wondered how we map treehouse trees? What technology do we use to make the treehouse design/build process more efficient? Photogrammetry is the secret to revolutionizing the way we build treehouses. 

This photo technology helps us model trees in three dimensions, enabling us to bring a digital version of the build site back with us to our design HQ and prefabrication shop. The result: treehouses that are designed to perfectly fit in the trees, and less waste of materials, time, and labor. 

Join Pete, Chuck, and Daryl in the video below, as they take you behind the scenes of the photogrammetry process.

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