April 25, 2018How we build bouncy suspension bridges to treehouses

Nelson Treehouse Suspension Bridge

Of all the ways to get to a treehouse, suspension bridges are arguably the most fun. Their playful bounce perfectly matches the adventurous spirit of treehouses. Today, we’re breaking down the techniques we use to build our bridges—join Charles Spitzack as he walks you through the design and build process in the video below.

Please note that this is not a formal instructional guide—this is simply an educational overview of the techniques we use. We strongly advise consulting with a structural engineer if you plan to build a suspension bridge.




We’ve built suspension bridges to many of our treehouses around the country; they are such a playful form of access and fit closely with the intrepid spirit of treehouses. Take a look at the examples of our bridges, below, for a little inspiration!

 Thrill 'n' Chill Treehouse Suspension Bridge - Nelson Treehouse

Suspension bridge to the Thrill ‘N’ Chill treehouse in the Pacific Northwest. Our crew built a small tower on the side of the bridge farthest from the treehouse – it provides necessary height and strength to anchor the bridge.

 Pirate Ship Suspension Bridge - Nelson Treehouse

A 50-foot suspension bridge leads to our Sky Pirate Hideout, also in the Pacific Northwest.

 Grace Vanderwaal Treehouse Suspension Bridge - Nelson Treehouse

A suspension bridge connects the two pods of Grace Vanderwaal’s treehouse. Grace asked that the bridge planks be placed in an off-kilter pattern for a whimsical look.

 temple of adventure suspension bridge to crow's nest - nelson treehouse

Not one, but two bouncy suspension bridges lead to our Temple of Adventure treehouse! The first carries visitors from the nearby house to the deck, while the second swings 60 feet out to a crow’s nest.

 temple of adventure suspension bridge - nelson treehouse

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our process behind our treehouse suspension bridges!

You can watch all our videos on treehouse technique on our YouTube channel.

To the trees!