July 26, 2017TREEHOUSE TRADING CARDS Now Available!

Once upon a time, Pete Nelson wished on a tree for treehouse trading cards. It’s been weeks, nay months, nay years in the making… but the wait is now over.

It’s our pleasure to finally bring you Nelson Treehouse Trading Cards, available for $5.99 per pack at store.beinatree.com.

They’re nostalgic. They’re glossy. They’re full of fun facts and terrific treehouses. And they come with a free gift inside each pack.

Pete Nelson (a.k.a. the “Treehouse Master”) has been a professional treehouse-builder for nearly 30 years and a passionate trading card collector his whole life. After building over 350 treehouses around the country, Pete knew it was time to take his treehouses to trading card form.

A glimpse of the six TreeHouse Point treehouses in the collection.

Each of our cards features one of Pete’s legendary treehouses complete with fascinating facts and essential stats.  Every pack comes in a glossy keepsake box and contains 12 unique treehouse cards plus one free gift! 

Our first collection consists of over 50 unique cards, including a highly coveted Pete Nelson card. We’ll continue releasing trading cards for every one of Pete’s treehouse masterpieces – collect them all!

More information at Be in a Tree