December 19, 2016TreeHouse Point Tamales

The talented breakfast chefs from TreeHouse Point are back on the blog, sharing a recipe for another delectable dish: Winter Tamales. Unwrapping these tamales is an experience fraught with anticipation for what lies within. Inside the hoja, or corn husk, is soft, creamy masa, enveloping poblano peppers; butternut, acorn, and kabocha squash; and chorizo seco. The smoky, roasted poblanos combined with the sweet squash and earthy chorizo make for a comforting, filling, and irresistible dish.

La Tamalada is a Latin American tradition where family members join to make tamales around the holidays. Each year, La Tamalada is a time to catch up on familial news, share traditions with younger generations, and enjoy moments spent together. Each Latin American culture has distinct traditional fillings for tamales; for example, many Cubans make sweet tamales with masa flavored with coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. Chef Fara Rusher grew up making tamales with her family, and insists that the process is meant to be a communal event. She encourages you to host your own Tamalada and try this recipe together with friends and family.

Fara’s phenomenal tamales can be adjusted for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Using vegetable shortening in the masa and keeping the filling meat-free will ensure that these are vegetarian-friendly. And since masa flour is naturally gluten-free, the vegetarian version of these tamales also qualifies as vegan!

Below are recipe cards that you can save and print, followed by a photo guide that breaks down each step.

Join Fara, Megan, and Bird as they show you how to make these festive tamales!



STEP 1: Prepare the squash

STEP 2: Prepare the poblanos

STEP 3: Prepare the chorizo

STEP 4: Prepare the corn husks

STEP 5: Prepare the masa

STEP 6: Fill the husks

STEP 7: Fold the husk around the filling



STEP 8: Steam the tamales

STEP 9: Enjoy!

Unwrap and eat your delicious tamales!

Thank you, Bird, Fara, and Megan for a very happy Tamalada!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning to make TreeHouse Point’s holiday tamales!

If you make your own winter squash tamales, please tag us at #treehousetamales so we can see!