May 11, 2018What are the treehouses like at Treehouse Utopia?

We are mere months away from the opening of Treehouse Utopia in Texas Hill Country! Coming this summer, Treehouse Utopia is the outcome of a partnership between Pete Nelson and Laurel Waters, chef and owner of the renowned Laurel Tree Restaurant.

Treehouse Utopia will have four luxury treehouses available for overnight stays. If you’ve been following our blog posts and videos over the last few months, you’ll be familiar with their names: Chapelle, Bibliotheque, Chateau, and Carrousel. Today, we’re giving you an overview of the progress and features of these four stunning treehouses.

Join Geoff and the crew in the video, below, and read on for more details!

The Treehouses at Treehouse Utopia

All four luxury treehouses will have the amenities of a modern hotel experience, including heat and air conditioning, high-speed internet connection, electricity, and full bathrooms with running water. The treehouses’ distinctive integration with nature, exquisite craftsmanship, artful interiors, and luxurious amenities will foster peace, rejuvenation, and romance.


 Chapelle at Treehouse Utopia

Chapelle roosts at the heart of the otherworldly property, standing sentinel over the emerald river and basking below the glorious canopy of its twin cypress hosts. These two trees cradle Chapelle, its vaulted ceiling and church-like windows at home in the soaring space.

Chapelle’s special features include:


 Chateau at Treehouse Utopia

Chateau roosts in three cypress trees. A rigid bridge from a nearby hill and a staircase below the platform provide access to the treehouse. With its antique furnishings, charming turret, and spiral staircase, Chateau brings the allure of a French country estate to the trees.

 Chateau in progress at Treehouse Utopia


 Bibliotheque at Treehouse Utopia

The design of Bibliotheque is inspired by the romance and nostalgia of a French library. Bilbiotheque’s rounded shape wraps around a single behemothic cypress tree. Inside, endless rows of built-in bookcases and cozy decor envelop guests in the timeless appeal of a boutique library.

 Bibliotheque in progress at Treehouse Utopia


 Carrousel at Treehouse Utopia

Carrousel is nestled in the arms of a single cypress and located near the riverbank. Inspired by the whimsy of a French carousel, this treehouse will be a cheerful and bright retreat.

 Carrousel in progress  at treehouse Utopia

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the four treehouses coming to Treehouse Utopia! Stay tuned for more announcements about this coming treehouse retreat — you can stay up-to-date on all our content on Treehouse Utopia, here.

And visit to learn more about booking an overnight stay for two in the trees once Treehouse Utopia opens.