August 10, 2018Chateau at Treehouse Utopia

You’ve heard of châteaux in France: sprawling estates nestled in vineyard-strewn countryside. But a chateau in the trees? We posit that this treehouse, lofted in three breathtaking cypresses at Treehouse Utopia, is the world’s first-ever treetop chateau!


Chateau at Treehouse Utopia certainly lives up to the images conjured by traditional French châteaux: it’s grand, opulent, and the perfect place to sip wine while soaking in the stunning surroundings.

The largest of the four treehouses at the Texas Hill Country retreat, Chateau roosts in a peaceful corner of the property. Its two stories hold a sitting room, dining nook, spacious bathroom, and winding turret to a luxurious bedroom. Did we mention the 400-square-foot deck?

There are two access points to Chateau: the staircase from the forest floor and the epic bridge from the hillside.

It’s difficult to convey the gargantuan size of these cypress trees—they truly are spectacular. Their scope and layout made it possible for the crew to install extremely long beams for the substructure of the platform. One steel beam is 40 feet long!

Treehouse attachment bolts with uplift arrestors allow the structure to accommodate the motion of the trees in the breeze—from inside the treehouse, you can hear the hardware “singing” as the trees sway.

The ample deck to Chateau is a tranquil sanctuary and a perfect vantage point for birdwatchers. Ardent ornithologists will love Treehouse Utopia, as the property is frequented by over 200 species of birds!

Farmhouse-style double doors lead from the deck into the elegant sitting room.

Tall ceilings with exposed beams cap the living room, which holds soft leather seating, embroidered silk drapes, and other antique treasures that owner Laurel Waters collected during her travels through France. A door on the right side of the room leads to a smaller deck with views of the river. The floral painting above the windows is an original work by Claire Basler, one Laurel’s favorite artists.

Colorful stained glass windows and an ethereal chandelier bathe the dining nook in muted light.

Barn doors with decorative panels slide open to reveal the spacious bathroom.

Chateau’s bathroom is replete with a tiled shower, clawfoot bathtub, toilet, ample countertop, and one-of-a-kind porcelain sink.

The secret to hoisting a bathtub into a treehouse? Make sure it’s acrylic! This custom acrylic bathtub weighs only 80 pounds.

To the right of the bathroom, an artful turret winds up to the bedroom.

What’s a chateau without a turret, after all?

With its king-size bed, electric faux fireplace, seating area, and large windows, the bedroom is a lavish retreat.

Imagine waking up to views of the cypress grove and Sabinal River!

At night, Chateau glows from lighting along its bridge, staircase, and deck.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at this palatial treehouse! Chateau stretched our concept of what’s possible up in the trees, prompting us to dream and build bigger. What a joy to bring a slice of the French countryside to Utopia!

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To the trees!