August 7, 2018Treehouse Utopia Now Open for Reservations!

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The day has finally come: Treehouse Utopia is now open for reservations!

Treehouse Utopia is the outcome of a partnership between Pete Nelson and Laurel Waters, chef and owner of the renowned Laurel Tree Restaurant. With its four rentable, luxury treehouses and natural splendor, this romantic retreat exudes magic.

Laurel Waters and Pete Nelson on the deck of Chateau at Treehouse Utopia.



Reservations are made online at


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations are made online at

Treehouse Utopia releases reservations in six-month blocks: July-December and January-June.

The July-December block typically opens in May of that year, and the January-June block typically opens in December of the year preceding that block. For example, reservations for January-June 2019 opened in December 2018.

What are the different treehouses like?

Treehouse Utopia has four luxury treehouses: Biblioteque, Chapelle, Carousel, and Chateau.

The treehouses range from 400 square feet around a single tree to 580 square feet over two stories, nestled in a grove of cypresses. They come with most of the amenities of a modern hotel stay, including electric lighting, hot and cold running water, heating and air conditioning, toilets, tiled showers, and high-speed WiFi.

With their prodigious scope and artful architecture, these four represent the culmination of Pete’s 30 years of experience designing and building the most fantastical treehouses for folks around the world.

The treehouses’ French names come from Laurel Water’s love of France; she studied cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, worked in fine dining restaurants in Provence, and personally collected the furnishings in France for the interiors of the treehouses.

Each treehouse has a distinct character:

Biblioteque is designed like a cozy library, with walls of built-in bookcases and ultra-comfy reading nooks.

Chapelle is divine, with soaring ceilings and twin Gothic, arched windows overlooking sunrise and sunset. Its enormous bathroom, complete with a clawfoot tub and tiled shower, is a spa-like sanctuary. You can take our photo tour of Chapelle, here.

Carousel is whimsical, with bright colors and one-of-a-kind furnishings including a chandelier made from a vintage carousel horse. Its riverside position offers stunning views of the turqoise waters below.

Last, but certainly not least, Chateau is grand and opulent. Its two stories hold an ample deck, sitting room, bathroom, and winding turret to a decadent bedroom loft.

Is there a maximum number of guests per treehouse?

Yes, each treehouse at Treehouse Utopia is built for a maximum of two guests. As owner Laurel Waters likes to say, “come alone or with your special someone!”


For how many nights can I stay?

Reservations have a two-night minimum, but no maximum.

Our two-night stay policy is based on guest feedback here and at Pete and Judy’s flagship retreat, TreeHouse Point, that “one night is simply not enough!”


What is pricing like?

Stays in Biblioteque, Chapelle, and Carousel are $475 per night, plus applicable taxes.

Stays in Chateau are $525 per night, plus applicable taxes.

All treehouses have a two-night minimum.


What is your cancellation policy?

50% of your stay will be charged at the time of confirming your reservation and is non-refundable.

The remaining 50% balance will be charged 30 days prior to your arrival and is also non-refundable.

If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your arrival, the remaining balance will not be charged.

*Note that if your reservation is made less than 30 days prior to your arrival, the entire amount will be charged at time of booking.


Can I just stop by and look around?

No, no one is permitted on the property without prior appointment. In order to protect the privacy of our guests, we do not allow the general public to stop by the treehouses.


Can I bring my kids? How about my pets?

To facilitate a romantic and private environment, Treehouse Utopia does not allow children under 16. We also do not permit pets onsite.


Is Treehouse Utopia wheelchair-accessible?

Due to the rugged nature of the terrain, Treehouse Utopia is not wheelchair-accessible.

Please be aware that the treehouses require a fairly wide range of mobility; most are accessed via series of staircases. There is also a significant amount of walking required to traverse the grounds, which include some uphill areas.


When will the booking calendar open for the next wave of reservations?

Treehouse Utopia releases reservations in six-month blocks: July-December and January-June.

The July-December block typically opens in May of that year, and the January-June block typically opens in December of the year preceding that block. For example, reservations for January-June 2019 opened in December 2018.


How do I get to Treehouse Utopia?

Treehouse Utopia is located one and a half hours west of San Antonio.

With regard to airports, San Antonio International is closest. Austin International is another nearby option.

After flying in, you’ll rent a car and drive to Treehouse Utopia. The car ride takes about an hour and a half from San Antonio and three hours from Austin.

Please note that there is very limited cell phone service in Utopia. However, there is high-speed WiFi throughout the Treehouse Utopia campus, so internet calling is a viable option once onsite.


Can I book a meal in the Laurel Tree Dining Treehouse for my stay at Treehouse Utopia?

Please email for more information about combined bookings for the Laurel Tree Restaurant and Treehouse Utopia.


Does Treehouse Utopia host weddings or similar events?

No, Treehouse Utopia does not host special events like weddings and elopements.


What amenities are inside each treehouse? And how should I pack?

We advise guests to pack for a modern hotel stay and come prepared for outdoor activities (including swimming in the Sabinal River!).





Do you provide breakfast?

Yes! We supply a fresh breakfast basket of scratch made goods, granola, fresh fruit, milk, and orange juice.

Please notify us in advance of any dietary restrictions.


I hear Utopia is a “dry” area. What does that mean?

The town of Utopia is a dry area, meaning it does not permit the sale of beer and wine. If you choose, you must bring that with you for your stay. You can also purchase beer and wine at Bear’s Market in Leakey (20 minutes away).


What’s the best time of year to visit?

Treehouse Utopia is open year-round; the temperate climate makes it an ideal retreat any time of year.

As far as seasons go, spring, summer, and fall are prime swimming months. During fall, the area is renowned for the changing colors of its abundant maple trees. In the winter, temperatures are typically in the 50s.

With their heat and AC, the treehouses are perfectly comfortable during high summer heat and cooler winter days.


I have more questions! Who can I contact?

Please feel free to email for more information.



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Chapelle at Treehouse Utopia


Carousel and Chapelle on the bank of the SabInal River

Carousel at Treehouse Utopia

Living room of Carousel. This chandelier is made of a vintage carousel horse!

Pete Nelson and Laurel Waters on the deck of Biblioteque at Treehouse Utopia.

Biblioteque from the entrance to Treehouse Utopia

Inside BIblioteque

Deck on Chateau

Chapelle aglow at night

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To the trees!