BLOGSeason 7

Swiss Family Surprise Treehouse

Peter was hoping to surprise his wife, Kaling, with a treehouse to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Pete and the crew could not have been happier to bring Peter's romantic treehouse dreams to life! Join us on a tour of this spacious and cozy treehouse.


Photo Tour: Zac Brown Space Crab

Grammy-award-winning artist Zac Brown dreamed of building a treehouse for campers at his Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Georgia. When Pete heard of Zac's treehouse dreams and learned of Camp Southern Ground's mission to serve children of all abilities, he was ecstatic! Working on this futuristic, multi-purpose treehouse was one of the highlights of the year for Nelson Treehouse and Supply


Photo Tour: Charlie's Treehouse at Treehouse Resort and Spa

Building this treehouse was one of Pete's favorite projects of the year; he loved getting to work with his son Charlie and spend time on a slice of the stunning 23-acre property that will host the future Treehouse Resort and Spa, a nature retreat centered on wellness, relaxation, and play. 


Photo Tour: Frank Lloyd Wright Lakeside Treehouse

Ron and Victoria were wishing for an elegant home in the trees at their lakeside property near Cadiz, Kentucky. This couple loved the aesthetic of the architectural legend Frank Lloyd Wright, and asked Pete to take Wright's famed prairie style into the trees. Pete and Daryl gamely accepted the challenge, and loved integrating Wright's aesthetic into a tranquil treehouse that beautifully celebrates the nature around it.


Photo Tour: Angry Orchard Tasting Room Treehouse

When Angry Orchard Hard Cider called Nelson Treehouse and Supply, asking for a tasting room in the trees, Pete could hardly contain his excitement! What better way to sample Angry Orchard ciders than in a treehouse tasting room with a stunning view of the surrounding apple orchards and Catskill Mountains?


Photo Tour: Adventure Headquarters Treehouse

Avid outdoor adventurers Mike and Monica were dreaming of building a treehouse in Washington State to use as a planning headquarters for their future travels. When Mike contacted Nelson Treehouse and Supply about his treehouse dreams, Pete and his crew could not wait to start designing and constructing the adventure HQ.