BLOGStaff Spotlight

Meet the Nelson Treehouse Crew's Pets - Part II

The pet saga continues! Get to know the rest of our crew's dogs and cats.


Meet the Nelson Treehouse Crew's Pets - Part I

Meet the cats, dogs, and hedgehog who brighten our days and make the treehouse life even sweeter.


Dylan Rauch: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Meet Dylan Rauch, the skillful craftsman behind many of Nelson Treehouse and Supply’s custom built-in furniture for treehouses around the country. Dylan's meticulous workmanship and eye for design brings beauty and elegance to even the most innocuous of treehouse corners. Read on to learn ten fascinating things about Dylan!


Behind the Design: Rolf Hefti's Artwork

Rolf Hefti is an essential member of our prefabrication crew and a talented artist, with diverse artistic experience ranging from murals to wood carving, from tattoos to pencil drawings. We're featuring one of Rolf's intricate drawings on popular Be in a Tree apparel - read on to learn the story behind the design...


Seanix Zenobia: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Get to know Seanix Zenobia: an adept rigger, talented musician, and job-site jester with a penchant for profundity. Read on for this treehouse master's fascinating story...


Toby Maloy: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Meet Toby, an accomplished Project Manager with Nelson Treehouse and Supply. Learn what project management entails (hint: it's an incredibly important piece of the treehouse puzzle!), and find out how Toby keeps pushing the craft of treehouse building forward.